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To start with, this story is full of sea imagery. Through Esteban, the townspeople are united. And they are inspired.

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Wilson, Kathleen. And the concept is not only in fairy tales and magical realism stories.

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While the women methodically clean the corpse with great care, allowing them to connect with the stranger on a deeper level Wilson Consequently, the angel draws attention to civilized society's reaction, ergo the community's reaction within the story when it confronts him. In Leaf storm and other stories pp. I think these short stories did an excellent job at bringing into the story. Continue Reading. Also, they have this blind faith that this dead body will return to them which is why they did not tie an anchor to him. This drowned man is clearly known as an object of the sea. They tell themselves that "if that magnificent man had lived in the village… his wife would have been the happiest woman" and "that he would have had so much authority that he could have drawn fish out of the sea simply by calling their names.

Your time is important. But an important transformation takes place when the women consider how the drowned man's heavy body will have to be dragged across the ground because it is so large.

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They vow to work excessively hard to re-create their world in the glorious import of Esteban. But by the end of the story, the houses have yet to be painted and the flowers have yet to be planted. At this point, we now know that Marquez likes for the reader to dig deep within to understand the essential thought of the story. Subsequently, the women that tend to Esteban are blind, though he is soiled; they see his beauty. They play with him as if he was another child. The story was originally written in and was translated into English in The elements of magical realism are exposed as Marquez compels readers to question their way of thinking by portraying characters and situations that illustrate phenomenon and extreme faith. They do not see him for who he really is, they only see and perceive what they want to. They are cooperative. New York: McGraw-Hill,

Helium, Inc. The object is described as a whale, a ship, and then a nasty sea monster.

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