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Secunda: I want to be none other than what I am. Since infanticide tended to affect female newborn more frequently, early Christians had a more even sex ratio and therefore a higher percentage of childbearing women than pagans. Vestia: I am a Christian. There was no public prosecutor, and thus when a law appears in the law code, it should not be assumed that it was universally obeyed. In Constantine's son, Constantius II, ordered all temples closed, but in the emperor Valentinian ruled that everyone should be free to worship as he wished. The proportion of the empire that was Christian at the time of his conversion is a matter of conjecture, but it is generally agreed that it was a minority and perhaps a small minority at that. But when we were mistreated, we showed our thanks, because we reverence our own emperor.

Christianity had spread rapidly, partly because Christian preachers were welcome in the synagogues of the Diaspora. Changeover to Christianity.

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In 64 c. Someone can make a perfectly rational choice without that choice needing to be grounded in anything demonstrably true. This is as always refreshing. If they were Roman citizens, they had a right to a trial at Rome, and Pliny entered them on the list of persons to be sent to Rome to have their cases judged there. Constantine's new gold and silver coinage that helped stabilize the runaway inflation of earlier reigns used bullion from the pagan temples. The author plots the most plausible curve of Christian growth from the year 40 to Men ordered women to undergo abortions, and the contraception methods often led to infection and poisoning for the women who used them. Saturninus, the proconsul: You may have a thirty-day reprieve to think this over. In fact, many Christians at this point in history expected an imminent Second Coming of the risen Christ and may have imagined that the fire that consumed Rome was the opening scene in the destruction of an evil empire. It will challenge common theological assumptions.

Trajan's answer was brief. They clung to the Jewish law of Moses and insisted that all Gentile converts should be circumcised.

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It is marvelous exercise in sociological imagination and a warning to those who like simple explanations. For one thing, the Roman authorities saw Christianity as a secret society, and secret societies made them nervous.

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Saturninus, the proconsul: [speaking to the others] Take no part in this business—it is madness. Pliny sought of Trajan the legal basis for punishing the Christians, asking if Christianity was a crime per se, or whether it was the actions of Christians that were recognized as crimes by Roman law.

Someone can make a perfectly rational choice without that choice needing to be grounded in anything demonstrably true. The problem, he argues, is that we have come to conflate "rational" with "accurate" and "truthful" when there is rarely any correlation between them.

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The Rise of Christianity