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After a stint in Holland, where they first tried to live in accordance with their beliefs, they went on to America and came to be known as Separatists, due to their belief that the Church of England was hopelessly corrupt and they wanted no part of it.

Continued oppression in England brought more Puritans to the region.

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The ports scattered throughout the Chesapeake Bay make it a powerful and influential hub for trade and industry and has attracted immigrants throughout history. In , they signed the Cambridge Agreement which gave the members of the company full control over the new colony that was to be created. New England, however, took a more diverse approach. Of the several colonies that were established the first was the Jamestown colony by Puritans. The Puritans ran the show and they had a strict religion full of rules that they believed would reform the Church of England. In the beginning Virginia had difficulty establishing a Colonial New England and Religious Tolerance words - 4 pages group of non-Separatist Puritans secured a royal charter to form the Massachusetts Bay Company in In , the charter was taken away from the Massachusetts Bay Company. Because they were so different from the beginning, they had a perfect reason for their economy, society, and politic grow. The Jamestown colony in Virginia, established by the Virginia Company, was the first established colony in North America The economic foundation of the Puritan community revolved around their religious ideals, these ideals laced with natural resources These strong willed Europeans, determined to find to a new world, set out with high hopes and ambitions. The settlements of Virginia and Massachusetts were colonies established fairly close together, but the paths taken by the two leading up to their independence greatly differed.

Meanwhile, missionaries, also from spain, came for the completely different motivation of looking to spread Christianity each setting up very different styles of settlements.

For a variety of reasons, no colony fully achieved the original intentions of its creators. Once the Americas were discovered, many places wanted to settle here, including England.

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New England Colony was slow going but was steadily increasing with economy. Many of these differences were due to their physical location and climatic conditions. In , a group of Separatists landed at Plymouth, in what would later become the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The Chesapeake Bay provides shelter and food to all living things in the surrounding area. Religion was a powerful influence on the social and political life of the colonial times in the New World. Though English people founded these two areas, they had many differences and similarities in between. Plymouth was a profoundly smaller community, starting with only individuals made up of working class families. They found themselves in multiple conflicts that slowly was tearing them a part and increasing tension among the colonists. It was one action packed filled cartoon with automobiles that transformed in to robots to save the world. The Virginia colony provided a large source of tobacco after John Rolf was able to plant some seeds that he took from Spain.

These goals, when attained, not only benefit the state with incremental business tax dollars, but propel growth in the state by creating jobs, driving economic development and accelerating the commercialization of promising treatments The failure of the Bay of Pigs invasion was caused by misinformation lack of strategic planning and mismanagement, the consequences of that was 2x4 to the face for the Americans and a major increase in tensions between the two super powers of the world during the cold war Many of the colonists came for similar reasons such as new opportunities, wealth, and religious freedom.

The Puritans in England first came in in a joint venture with the Virginia Company due to religious persecution under King James I The economy of New England was based off fishing, crafting, and farming.

At the beginning, every aspect influenced their colonies success such as social, political, economic, and geographic However, the reasons for founding Massachusetts Bay were much different than its Chesapeake counterpart; it was founded due to religious conflicts.

Because religion was a huge matter to them and also they were not developed with industries.

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Religion was a powerful influence on the social and political life of the colonial times in the New World. When Other Popular Essays.

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