The loneliness of the four characters in the short story the withered arm by thomas hardy

the withered arm characters

Gertrude Lodge, Rhoda Brook and Phyllis Grove are all very different women in different situations; however they all suffer an undeserved fate. But she had a haunting reason to be superstitious now; and she had been seized with sudden dread that this Conjuror Trendle might name her as the malignant influence' which was blasting the fair person of Gertrude, and so lead her friend to hate her for ever, and to treat her as some fiend in human shape.

Women were expected to produce an 'heir and a spare'. Neither did she, at the daily milking in the dairyman's yard on Lodge's outlying second farm, ever speak on the subject of the recent marriage.

the withered arm themes

It was open, and in it lay the body of a young man, wearing the smockfrock of a rustic, and fustian breeches. He is quite obedient and faithful to his mother as he does everything she asks him to do with the constant answer of "Yes, Mother"" ' She knew that she would light upon a furze-cutter or cottager of some sort from time to time, from whom she might correct her bearing.

You can give her a look, and tell me what she's like, if you do see her.

revulsion thomas hardy

You can give her a look, and tell me what she's like, if you do see her. Upon the pink round surface of the arm were faint marks of an unhealthy colour, as if produced by a rough grasp.

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How does Hardy create sympathy for Rhoda Brook in his short story ‘The Withered Arm’ Essays