The evolution of the integration movement in the caribbean

This milestone reflects a measure of the maturing of our Community. This was one of the areas of unprecedented collaboration among Member States for the event which was particularly strong in the areas of security and intelligence-sharing.

The contribution of Guyanese workers to the prosperity of Barbados is a case in point, even if they do not enjoy full rights as employees.

how can integration affect the caribbean region

European insistence on the lowering of tax barriers on automobiles was a case in point. The OECS. Share common culture in terms of dress, Some concessions to foreign investors run food, language, music and the general contrary to CARICOM objectives. Trade Unionism was a training ground for local leaders, and trade union activity represented the first in vivo experiment in mass mobilization, giving people confidence in their ability to influence the course of things and in the legitimacy of protests and claims.

The labour movement, in the disenfranchised West Indies, was an outlet for social demands, but also for political ones, such as universal suffrage. The Caricom can be considered as the nucleus, and the driving force, in the regional integration process, but is also faces the usual challenges all similar institutions come across.

It is therefore broader, but the concern was the same: Time was being wasted, opportunities were lost, and the original impetus for integration was being eroded.

Britain argued in favour of preferential treatment for its former colonies, and demanded that they be exempted from the common external tariff which applied to all European imports from outside Europe.

The meeting provided an opportunity for the institutions to begin the task of achieving greater collaboration and cooperation; avoiding duplication of effort and utilizing increasingly scarce resources, to the maximum benefit of the Community. Its role is key to facilitate the implementation of the Strategic Plan within Member States and the overall Reform Process.

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(DOC) What is the integration movement in the Caribbean