Overcrowded classrooms

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overcrowded classrooms in south africa pdf

Even with a small to medium-sized classroom, the teacher will still have work cut out trying to keep them quiet.

The schools are indicated by letters A to H Table 1. The students who need help from the teacher will probably not receive it due to the number of students in the classroom.

Effects of overcrowded classrooms on teacher-student interactions pdf

Ndagi, J. A combination of an increasing population and a decrease in funding has caused class sizes to soar. Of the countries with the 10 fastest growing populations, six are located in sub-Saharan Africa. As a result, when in college, one might choose to pick a small to medium-sized classroom over a larger classroom. The first effect would be a drop in grades for the most part. Teachers have no control over how many students are in their classes, so they cannot allow themselves to become stressed due to things that are out of their control. Section B presented seven 7 coping strategies which could be adopted by the teacher to combat the problems of over-crowdedness in the class. Most of these problems are hardly lost on the various Governments, whether during colonial or post-independence era. Indulging in negative reinforcement like punishment, is not educationally expedient. Overcrowded classrooms have increased the possibilities for mass failure and make pupil to lose interest in school Cohen and Manion, Name of the school……………………………………………………………………… Q2. A careful look over these points and implementation of the well required steps can better change the education system in the province as it is now to what it should have been then.

Is there any correlation between the ranking of teachers and students concerning the coping strategies adopted by teachers in over-crowded classroom? This implies that large number of teachers were juniors who have teaching experiences ranging from 4 to 7 years.

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Overcrowded classrooms

Administrators can also invite them to spend time at their school so that they can see the impact of overcrowding. The seating arrangement is therefore too important to suffer the kind of neglect being experienced by many secondary schools in the country. He also said government will be forced to build classrooms faster or places which are white elephants to be turned into schools and more teachers will be recruited so classes can be manageable and quality education can be given. The result is presented in fable 3 below. Only few people will deny that the quality of teaching and learning is on the decline at all levels of the educational system. The second problem is low reading test scores. It is difficult for teachers to see students who are not paying attention. These all problems relate to management and policy implementation including lack of attention and support. Some tips I would suggest for the well development of the schools in Balochistan are: Number of students in per class should be limited to 40 to On students' furniture, the Ministries of Education should direct schools to treat them like school uniform which is organized by each school in order to ensure uniformity. The phenomenon of overcrowded classroom as well as poor quality and inadequate furniture in the classroom due to unlimited expansion has taken its toll on the educational system.

Overcrowding increases classroom discipline issues. It can take the entire class time for students to find seats, make sure everyone has a textbook to look at and then explain the next assignment.

Shortages of classrooms and teachers in secondary schools need to be treated as a national crisis worthy of the attention of both the Federal and State Governments, A lasting solution is therefore building of additional classrooms and employing more teachers, hi fact, judging by Table 1, there is a need to double existing facilities.

It had been agreed that overcrowding involves a class of 46 pupils or more. Most of teachers facing difficulties in teaching overcrowded classes, therefore the government should build more schools and employ as many teachers as possible so as to cover the problem of shortage of teachers.

With aspects such as standardized testing, a lack of teachers, and so forth, overcrowded classrooms can hinder student performance.

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