Nike unethical business practices

January of saw a high ranking Nike official add to the turmoil associated with the reformation process.

Nike offshoring

And if in fact it was not independent, we have a much bigger problem than Nike foreign factory relations. Nike, which had a good reputation among youngsters, also started gaining reputation as a badly managed company that exploited the economic weaknesses of the South Asian regions. With globalisation and technological advances, it can put a stress on some companies as they always need profit and market share to be successful and grow. The second initiative raised the minimum age of all footwear factories to 18 and raised the minimum age of apparel and equipment factories to Even though Nike made tall claims regarding its new labor-oriented practices in its companies, it may be said that all the recommendations were not fully met because there are many loopholes that can be used to work around the stipulations. Large corporations from the United States have moved a large portion of their factories overseas to circumvent the strict working regulations within the United States. Many are of the opinion that once the public relations nightmare is over for Nike and the media exposure subsides, the shoe and clothing apparel company will revert back to its exploitative ways. It was therefore important that a company such as Nike, that has such a profound influence on the cultural, as well as business world, be a pivotal player in improving human rights all over the world. Good On You has big plans for ethical fashion! Nike, it claims, reduced its order volumes after the WRC, putting workers out of jobs. Companies with international production facilities could not be confident of controlling the legislation that might come out of public hearings filled with horror stories of sweatshop abuse in factories of familiar brand names.

Nike should demand that all managers who use corporal punishment or are guilty of sexual harassment be dismissed. There are too many workers, too many interactions daily; and in Vietnam, too much tension based on nationality to avoid any incidents.

Nike sustainability issues

They feel that Nike is only taking actions to reform its factory practices because they were caught red-handed abusing poverty-stricken workers. Swoosh, pg. It is unfortunate that a unanimous agreement could not be brought forth by the AIP, for one that divided the organization into separate parties, as has happened, will not have the impact on the industry as one borne out of a cohesive unit. While Nike and its CEO Phil Knight ardently deny these accusations, one can only wait and see if Nike will make the additional necessary changes to grant their factory workers the rights that many feel they deserve. They feel that these firms have a serious conflict of interest, and that their reports are easily manipulated by the corporations. On March 14, , Reuters reported that 56 women were forced to run around one Nikkei factory. Instead, these were not uncovered until the WRC launched its investigation in October of Nike was brutally criticized and it was clear it must make changes in their practices. One was in Hiroshima, Japan and the other was Kurume, just outside of Fukuoka. However, internationally, mainly in poor third world countries, that is far from the truth.

The current practice of excessive, forced overtime sometimes over 70 hours per month would be considered abusive by any standards. Also questioned was exactly how much information Nike is going to release in its "summaries. Nike, which had a good reputation among youngsters, also started gaining reputation as a badly managed company that exploited the economic weaknesses of the South Asian regions.

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Despite the popularity of Nike in the American market, it has been accused of exploiting employees abroad. Many feel that democratization is a side effect of shoe factories and the added revenues to economically deficient countries that they bring.

A bare minimum wage plan was agreed upon in various companies so that the workers could be assured of at least a decent minimum pay.

Nike ethical issues 2018

The new Nikkei shoes were launched at the Olympic trials held in Eugene, Oregon. Nike uses a few eco-friendly materials including organic and recycled cotton and polyester, minimises off-cuts in parts of its manufacturing process and has a waste and water reduction strategy in place in most of its supply chain. Made from recycled polyester-spandex, this sports bra and legging duo will have you working up a sweat in comfort and style. These tests will culminate in a final report made by an independent non-government organization NGO. We found that as long as the workers remain within the confines of the factory, they are very fearful and are not willing to talk about their conditions to anyone. The final aspect both lists demonstrated was the need for a investigative body. Of course there was the labor aspect in which cheap labor could produce shoes and other clothing at the fraction of the price it would cost domestically in the United States. Even though they consider Nike a competitor, both of these managers are willing to help because they want to improve the working conditions of the workers at the Nike factories. The conditions alleged at the Hansae factory were revealed in a WRC report pdf published in December. Workers will be offered free classes during non-working hours, and factories will be encouraged to raise the pay of workers who complete the regimen. Nike should take some of the profits it makes from Vietnamese workers and invest them in projects that help improve the lives of poor Vietnamese. A majority of problems chanced upon are the outcome of the oddness of the surroundings the organization will be operating in the host country. Nike should consult with several Vietnamese who are experts in shoe factories and on how to establish better labor practices.
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Nike’s Unethical Labor Practises