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Muslims used military conquest to spread Islam. The Islam religion started with a man named Muhammad. Islam was also spread through military conquest.

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What was it about Islam that appealed to so many individuals and converted such a large geographical part of the world? No one would want to be apart of a civilization that is militarily weak or unstable. In this case Islam was spread my military conquest because the Greeks were forced to allow Islam into Greece when they lost the battle, however there was a great deal of resistance. This specifically provoked the influence of Islam, because several civilizations would abolish any group or individual who did not follow the principal religion within the civilization. In C. Words: , Paragraphs: 7, Pages: 3 Publication date: August 05, Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Indeed, this Muslim historian emphasises the empathetic and tolerant views of Muhammad by citing his very words. Indeed, a Christian leader criticizing the means of spread of the Islamic faith makes sense. However, Muslims also spread Islam through military conquest. The fact that the Muslim army killed thousands against an army bigger than theirs suggests the power of their army in the conquest of different lands- further spreading their influence. Although historians try to be unbiased and use concrete facts, the fact that he is Muslim in all likelihood persuaded him to focus on evidence that made the Muslims seem kind and selfless.

In fact, the Qur'an compares fair merchants to martyrs which were some of the holiest people of all [D2]. In the religion of Islam there are five pillars: Shahada the Muslim profession of faithSalah prayerseam fastingzakat charityand hajj pilgrimage.

The people then willingly converted into Islam, enticed by the promise of eternal paradise. Missionary work The work of itinerant scholars and imams also contributed in the rise of Islam.

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Along with opportunities to net a profit, these merchants also traded Islamic customs and ideas. Why was the spread of Islam so quick, extensive, and influential? The last reason to how Islam spread quickly was through conquest.

Why did islam spread so quickly document a answer key

Many of these preachers and missionaries embraced Dawah, which makes it a noble duty to spread the message of Allah throughout the world. Islam originated in present day Saudi Arabia where the prophet, Muhammad, had been born. The work of these individuals have resulted in many communities embracing and adopting Islam. They allowed the provinces to practice their religion and culture as long as they recognized the authority of the Muslims and paid the land-tax. According to a Christian patriarch leader of Jerusalem, Muslims forcefully took over cities.. Being Muslim, he must be considerably proud of his religion and their actions therefore seeking to to shed positive light on the values of the Islamic Empire. Overtime, the religion continued to attract new followers, which leads to question- how and why did Islam spread so quickly? During the Post-Classical Era merchants played an incredible role in shaping the course of different societies. Important periods in history such as the Golden Age of Islam which started from to AD noted the rise of Islamic missionary work under the guise of commerce. Fear and admiration. The Arabs were able to wrest areas from the Persian and Byzantine empires. They marked Jerusalem as their holy city. This connects to the spread of Islam because although Christians were against it, Islam found it way into their city through military conquest of the Muslim military presumably increasing the spread of Islam. From their origins to life rituals, they have a great amount of similarities and differences between these three prominent religions. Mecca happened to have been on one of the trade routes of goods and ideas.

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