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But Jack is shown to have savage urges early. Fear is an example of how savagery prevails over civilization, Jack used fear to overtake control from Ralph. Through a series of stages, such as leading the choir, leading the hunting tribe, wearing the mask, killing Simon, separating from the group and intentionally killing Piggy, Jack degenerates from a normal, arrogant school boy into a savage beast. This is fascinating as we see Jack reach the worst version of himself all caused by being on an island without rules. So we've got to do the right things" In defense, he offers to the group a rationale that "He'd never have got us meat," asserting that hunting skills make for an effective leader. None of the other boys on the island understand the difference between what is morally right, and what is emotionally fulfilling. This young boy is the evolving antagonist who brings discord in his wake, and fundamentally undermines the representative society on the island. Jack agrees with Ralph when he brings the group together, saying, "I agree with Ralph. So I would say that they are all dynamic characters. Sometimes, these two impulses conflict with one another and people are confused as to which desire to follow through with.

Englewood Cliffs: n. When I read this book I discovered a great change in most of their personalities, especially Jack's.

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Jack is made the leader of the hunting tribe. He and his hunters have much trouble trying to hunt and kill a pig. The conflict on the island begins with Jack attempting to dominate the group rather than working with Ralph to benefit it.

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The very first time Ralph is introduced to the reader, one can see his sense of observation even in the first sentence that he says: "This is an island, at least I think it's an island. Simon is also the only one of the boys that grasps the true demonic and humanoid nature of the beast Throughout the whole novel Piggy was a round character, he was the only one who was able to light a fire with his specs as a signal for help to come rescue them

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Jack Merridew's Decline in Lord of the Flies Essay