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The criteria for selection includes notable accomplishments made since January from well-known people in politics, business, sports and the arts. This shrine is sacred to all three Abrahamic religions.

Controversies[ edit ] World leader exclusions[ edit ] The fact that the then British Prime Minister Tony Blair was excluded from the list caused mild controversy.

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He had 13 wives, which is acceptable and encouraged in Muslim cultures. Albert Einstein The most influential scientist of the 20th century epoch, Albert Einstein is known as the Father of Modern Physics. He has been on teams such as Cloud9, Team Liquid, and Warriors.

McConnell based his decision on the argument that Supreme Court vacancies should not be filled in the middle of a presidential term when the Senate is controlled by a different party than the president's.

Inconservative commentator Ann Coulter was listed, which led Salon to observe: When Time magazine named Ann Coulter among its "most influential people" last week, alongside such heavyweights as Ariel SharonBill ClintonNelson MandelaKim Jong Iland the Dalai Lamathe choice produced guffaws online.

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